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Photo Statues

We have come up with a new and exciting product for 2009! We now offer unique, hand-crafted photo-statues. A photo-statue is another name for cutout, silhouette or stand-up. Each piece is individually sculpted for customers who enjoy a unique way of displaying their favorite photos. Our photo-statues capture the spirit of today, preserve memories for tomorrow and make excellent photo gifts year-round.

Our photo-statues are constructed from various size photographs, affixed to either 1/8 inch PVC with a removable base or 3/16" Acrylic with a permanent base. The background detail is then cut away, leaving the main subject standing. The final result is a special display for your photograph that has been transformed into a unique and 'out-standing' 3-D creation.

We encourage you to be careful and treat your photo-statues like true works of art. When cleaning, all you need to do is wipe with a clean soft cloth. Do not use any type of cleaning solutions. We recommend that you protect it from constant direct sunlight.


4 X 6$26.00
5 x 7$26.00
8 x 10$31.00


$20.00 - $25.00$7.00
$25.01 - $50.00$8.00
$75.01 - $100.00$10.00
$100..01 - $150.00$11.00
Over $150.00$12.00

These Photo Statues can be personalized with your name or organization for an additional $3.00 as seen in the image.

LED Trophy
Available Sizes:
4" x 6" - $88
5" x 7" - $102
Available Sizes:
2ft Wide Interior Grade - $35
2ft Wide Exterior Grade - $60
3ft Wide Interior Grade - $50
3ft Wide Exterior Grade - $80
4ft Wide Interior Grade - $65
4ft Wide Exterior Grade - $100
5ft Wide Interior Grade - $80
5ft Wide Exterior Grade - $120
6ft Wide Interior Grade - $95
6ft Wide Exterior Grade - $140
7ft Wide Interior Grade - $110
7ft Wide Exterior Grade - $160

Interior Grade Wallhogs
Now you can enjoy decorating with reusable vinyl. This material has a semi-adhesive backing which means it will stick to your walls but can be moved anytime you want without damaging the wall surface or paint. White in color, durable as a tank, and will not fade. No more nails, glue, or tack!

Exterior Grade Wallhogs
This material has a reusable adhesive backing that can be used indoor or outdoor on nearly any surface. It can be moved at anytime without damaging that surface. Media is treated to be waterproof, UV and chemical resistant.

Custom Collage
Available Sizes:
20" x 30" - $25

Note: Prices do not include shipping

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